First Post

So I’ve come up with an Idea.

I find that these days people go to school and spend hours, days, years of their life, just absorbing knowledge, a lot of it useless knowledge (Ie. Humanities classes….) While knowledge is well and good in moderation, I find we don’t gain enough practical skill sets.

You may have a history student who’s read hundreds of books and articles, but is there a ton he/she can do with it? How does this apply to our everyday life? How does this help us live and fulfill our needs?

One of my favorite classes in High School was Home Ec. We learned how to cook, how to sew, how to make things, but now they’ve pulled that class out of most schools… Why on earth would they get rid of a class that is actually useful for people? I have so many friends who don’t know how to cook, don’t know how to do minor repairs on their clothing, how to even hem their pants. But not even 50 years ago almost all women knew how to sew, to cook, how to repair things, men usually knew how to build things, etc etc.

Why aren’t we taught these common skills any more?? We just get a bunch of useless classes when we should be learning hands on skills.

And so I’ve started this Blog and I’m in the process of developing a website that will teach people:

 a few common skills (how to sew by hand, by machine, how to draw,),

 a few uncommon skills (How to screenprint, how to make clothing, accessories),

 and different projects you can make for fun (How to make a thong, How to modify clothing)

 or for actual use! (how to make a shelf, tools to help you organise your room)

(These are just a few examples)

So basically, I wish to teach you how to Create.

and occasionally have some of my talented creative friends teach you some of their own skills and projects.

With an emphasis on minimal waste, and not negatively affecting the environment.

 Leave comments if you have any specific projects, objects, you would love to learn how to create!


One Response to “First Post”

  1. christo Says:

    Very interesting and creative blog. Reach for the stars and never stop creating. You amaze me! Wowaaa weeeewaaa!

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