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Cute little button and ribbon store in Montreal

February 24, 2011

While exploring the fabric district on St Hubert street we came accross the cutest little shop.

All it sold were a unique range of buttons and ribbons,

I remember buying ribbons from them a few years ago on St Denis street, but they’ve recently moved to a new location. Speaking with the owner I found out he’s had his shop open for 8 YEARS! I was so surprised a tiny and very specific business could have survived so long, it gave me alot of hope for starting my own business. I must go back and learn how he kept it open for so long!

Along with buttons and ribbons at the back of the store is a mini theatre where they hold private shows/plays etc. All around the store are art projects showing you different ways you can use buttons, the coolest one being a life size snake with buttons for scales, coiling up into the air. Very inspiring I must say.

My favorite part of the store was a huge wooden bin filled to the brim with buttons, you just take a ladel and help yourself to some buttons and buy it by the bag,

I can’t wait to come up with some projects that use buttons!



What do you think about this Website design?

February 7, 2011

Any suggestions? Things I should Add or Remove….?

(This is not the final version, but what I’ve done so far)

Just a sample of what the website might look like

Sneaking photos in a Museum…. hehe

February 3, 2011

Visiting the MAC, we were naughty and snuck photos,

I think the giggling gave us away because the security guard kept walking over and staring at us suspiciously,

We saw an exhibit on the color blue. Some of the artwork was not what I would call genious or creative… (A huge canvas coloured completely blue…) But there were some peices that really stood out and I would looove to hang in my living room, but that will have to wait untill I’m rich someday in the future. Alot of the artists were from Quebec and Ontario, the peices done almost 50 years ago.

My favorite was just a big dark room, with what looked like a big blue rectangle projection, but it was actually a hole in the wall lit up with blue black lights… A room you could sit in and meditate.

Hole in the Wall