Cute little button and ribbon store in Montreal

While exploring the fabric district on St Hubert street we came accross the cutest little shop.

All it sold were a unique range of buttons and ribbons,

I remember buying ribbons from them a few years ago on St Denis street, but they’ve recently moved to a new location. Speaking with the owner I found out he’s had his shop open for 8 YEARS! I was so surprised a tiny and very specific business could have survived so long, it gave me alot of hope for starting my own business. I must go back and learn how he kept it open for so long!

Along with buttons and ribbons at the back of the store is a mini theatre where they hold private shows/plays etc. All around the store are art projects showing you different ways you can use buttons, the coolest one being a life size snake with buttons for scales, coiling up into the air. Very inspiring I must say.

My favorite part of the store was a huge wooden bin filled to the brim with buttons, you just take a ladel and help yourself to some buttons and buy it by the bag,

I can’t wait to come up with some projects that use buttons!



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