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Making my new sewing and creating workshop!

March 4, 2011

I’ve gotten obsessed with organization as of late which is a rare but good thing for me.

 I’m an artist! And my space often reflects my mind, it’s all over the place, different projects started but not finished (I’m very ADD and have many bursts of inspiration at a time) and there are bits of color and sparkle all over the place. This happens when you’re an avid collector of fabrics, and a professional belly dancer with way too many costumes…..

I’ve gotten inspired by all these amazing organization websites all over the place:

So off I went to Rona and a few other stores to buy tons of bins for my fabric,

shelving for all my craft and sewing books,

 mini drawers for my thousands of notions and trims,

 a peg board for all my tools to hang neatly and at easy reach,

A push pin board for all my inspirations, magazine clippings, and my Goal sheet!

A friend of mine gave me a beautiful wooden desk dug up from the basement of her school! Perfect for my very heavy and ancient (from the fifties possibly but mint condition) sewing machine!

The pegboard is my favorite, at my mom’s company they actually outline each of their tools with chalk so that you always know where everything goes and if something is missing you know right away. When you know where everything is it’s a huge time saver, since you’re not digging through drawers trying to find it. I love having my tools in front of me and always at hand.

My lovah helped me drill many things into the walls, having tons of hooks around is usefull as well for belts I need to hang and any current dresses I’m working on.

Just looking at my workshop motivates me to work alot more and I’m so much more inspired and productive!

Here’s a mini post on some of my newest creations…. 


Photos by Chris