Being a live painting at the Body Painting Competition

Body Painting competition in Trois-Rivières

March 18-19 was a body painting competition in a small town up the river from Montreal!

On Friday we packed up and drove to a bed and breakfast close to the Eco-Salon where the event was taking place. It was sooo cute! The house is apparantly 100 years old, you constantly hear the wood creaking, it reminds me of a typical grandmother’s house.

Doing some sewing at the B&B

 One of the rooms looked like the inside of a log cabin complete with a swing, we went around and took photos, I would love to go back one day for a photo shoot! Although I think Chris freaked out lady owner when she caught him at the top of the stairs taking light graffiti photos in the dark…. LOL “Eh! Qu’est qu’il fait la??!”

Log caban bed and breakfast
I want a swing like this in my room!


Saturday we were up early morning and had a homemade breakfast prepared for us by the lovely couple who owned the place 😉

At the competition they took very good care of models and artists alike! They had a little heater for each model, it was awesome, usually people aren’t so considerate and as a model I end up freezing as I’m being painted. They made sure we always had water tea or coffee.

SO let me tell you, being a body paint model isn’t super easy, you stand for many hours at a time (this time it was 6 hours, longest I did was 9 hours) while having your nearly nude body painted. You can’t exactly take a sitting break because your bum is covered in paint, lol. And once your hands are painted you can’t touch anything. At that point Chris was a very good sport and fed me! I’ve learnt now to start stretching from the beginning, everytime the artist is turned away or taking a mini break, I stretch, dance a little, and it keeps the aches and pains at bay! It really helped because after the competition I was just tired, and my patience meter was completely out, otherwise no problems.

April-Anna was the amazing artist who painted me! She’s also a good friend of mine so the 2 day stay ended up being like a mini-vacation!

Here are a few behind the scenes shots! The theme of the competition was nature local to Trois-Rivières.

Check out April’s blog for more about the artistic side of things and more photos!

Painting the Heron
setting the sparkles with spray
Spritzing setting spray on the sparkles!
Looking up
Photography by: Chris Capicollo
Chris the photographer

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