Mini party- I mean uh, photoshoot, at the Palace!

My friend and I found a beautiful apartment last summer and we’ve appropriately dubbed it the Palace. It’s more of a duplex than an apartment, the ceilings are super high, glass pane doors, a chandelier in each room, a gorgeous bathroom with an antique looking tub, a beautiful fairy garden with a new flower blooming every week, raspberries and grapes to pick for breakfast. Oh and there are pillars at the front door. So all this is why we call it the Palace!

Had to show off magnificent bathroomMy sewing room

Because of its beauty I decided to host the photoshoot there of course! There are alot of great textures in the place that we got to use as backgrounds, I can’t wait for spring so I can do a few shoots in the backyard with the beautiful flowers!

Gen getting the makeup tools ready in the kitchen!

So for the day I had my friends Kiri, and Niesz as models, and Gen doing makeup and modelling as well. I’ve known this girl since I was only a few years old, and we’ve developed together artistically! always drawing together when our Mamas would have visits. Today she is a beautiful and talented miss, with very creative and artistic approaches to make-up, here is her online Portfolio

Gen at work

Gen doing Niesz's makeup, lavender and gold!

During the shoot I was whipping up extra headbands and the girls were giving me alot of feedback and new ideas! I was feeling extra creative that day and it was great having them around as I created new things! Our amazing photographer Chris made us Mango/strawberry/almond milk/ coconut rum smoothies, they were soooo good. The alcohol probably contributed to the creative process 😉 And of course made the models extra confidant… lol

Photoshoot mayhem, pink smoothie matching my sewing machine

The girls looked gorgeous! I’m lucky as a designer to have exceptionally good looking friends! This was Kiri’s first modelling photoshoot and she did so well, she warmed up to the camera quickly and she is so photogenic the photos turned out great! Niesz has modelled for me before when I did the LIA line of clothing, so I knew I could depend on her to create awesome photos with the photographer as well! She did up her hair in a 40s style it was sooo pretty!

Posing in the mirror, Tropical flower headband

Here are some of the results of our home made, or rather palace made,

photoshoot. Photographer: Chris

The accessories will be available at the end of the week in my Etsy online store 

Keep checking back! Or subscribe to my blog for updates 😉

Double strap headband

Double strap headband in red with sequins/beading work

Stretch lace headband with spiral fabric flower


Double spiral flower on stretch cotton headband

Please let me know what you think! 

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One Response to “Mini party- I mean uh, photoshoot, at the Palace!”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    Thanks for visiting my post!!! Btw i love the lace stretch headband! Keep the good work in ur beautifullll palace 😀

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