What is “Learn to Create”?

This is a blog documenting my progress as I start up my own Business in teaching Arts and Crafts.

The website is in the works, it will include instructional videos, step by step directions, photos, and more on how to complete your own artistic projects. While you’re waiting for this wonderful online studio to go live, you can follow the blog to see how we’re developing and coming up with new projects, meeting new people to add to the team, and a few mini tutorials. Please feel free to leave any feedback or contact me if there are specific skills/projects you’d like to learn!

The next Big Step/Goal is the opening of the Learn to Create Studio,

which will be based in Montreal, where artists, crafty people, or just DIY-ers can come together to learn new skills, take classes where you will be taught to make a certain craft or project, or just chill and enjoy art jams.

The classes will have everything you need, the ingredients to complete your project, someone there to teach you how, and many inspirations.

Some examples of classes: Making your own stencils for printing on clothing, Making your own thong, Making organisers for your room, Making your own Hats, Making your own costumes, Making your own jewelry, Making your own makeup, and let me tell you there are a million more coming.

Skills to be Taught: Sewing, Screenprinting, Drawing, Building, and more specialties depending on any other teachers we recruit 😉


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