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Having fun with Pretty Scrap Fabric

January 25, 2011

So one night my friend Niesz and I had a craft night.

She’s awesome, she set out our workspace with scraps of wool, feathers, sequins, netting, glue guns, peices of plastic from old binders etc etc.

So we each made ourselves those cute little hats from the 20s, with the netting covering our eyes.

We made the initial shape in plastic, covered it with wool fabric and a felt lining, and decorated them with feathers and sequins and netting, lots of fun and very nice effect.

Niesz also had some craps of irredescent silk fabric, so I added them to a headband, it kind of looks strange but the colors are so great!

Here are a few photos!

More in depth instructions on how to make these hats coming soooon…. 😉


So here is a close up of the mini hat I made,

We used an old plastic binder to make the base, covered it with wool, lined the inside with felt, and decorated with feathers, sequins, and of course the lovely netting. on the inside we glued on two bobby pins and it actually stays on your head quite well. But I’ve seen some of these hats with an elastic so you put it on like a headband.

Inside construction