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Learn to Create: A mermaid costume DIY: Mermaid Tail

April 7, 2011

So yesterday Chris was kind enough to drive me out to butt heck no where to do an underwater photoshoot!

The photographer is Denis Bussiere and he has an indoor heated pool in his house! To use it to it’s fullest potential, as he explained to me, he does underwater photoshoots every so often (btw he rents his pool out as well, he’s located in Saint-Julie) When he approached me to model for him I showed him photos of another mermaid costume I had made:

He then asked me to custom make a mermaid tail for him so he could use it in all his shoots!

So I set to work and bought this gorgeous shiny/sparkly green waterproof spandex material.

I then cut out the pattern and assembled it, It’s basically a giant leg sock with fins, and a tight elastic waistband so it doesn’t slide off in the water.

Picture instructions will be here tonight:

I stuffed each fin with plastic, so that it looked full, also it makes the fins float so they don’t droop underwater. But after testing out the tail I think I would sew three lines along the tail to really keep the plastic in place, and I would insert heavy beads at the tip of the fins so that it didn’t float too much.

Here are some of the photos!

(contact me if you’d like to order a mermaid tail as well!)

Waterproof mermaid tail I made for a client